December 13, 2020

Gouache Studies

The Last Centaur, 2020, gouache on paper, 15"x17"

Sphinx (Addendum), 2020, gouache on paper, 22"x15"

I think the pandemic has been a catalyst for me to start painting with gouache. I've painted with oils and acrylics before, even though I'm often more drawn to art that's created in gouache. I started out with the idea that these paintings would be studies for future stitchwork and/or sculpture pieces. The Last Centaur and Sphinx (Addendum) were created with that intention, but as I've continued to learn and experiment - practice, really - my new paintings are becoming stand-alone pieces. I used a sort of faux weaving style with both of them, even painting vertical 'warp' lines before working the horizontal lines in. Painting is not a language that I'm really comfortable with, and I'm thinking about how I stitch and trying to incorporate some of those ideas into the process. For instance, I like the built-in boundaries of certain materials and processes, including the limited color palette of thread or rice paper. I'm enjoying the challenge of figuring out what works for me with paint, though, and It's been nice to work in a medium that's faster and more immediate than the painstakingly slow hand-stitching that is my main practice.

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