May 11, 2014

Under Siege

"Under Siege" 2014

I titled this piece "Under Siege" because with the exception of one subspecies of African white rhinoceros, all five rhinoceros species in the world are in danger of being hunted by poachers for their horns, and three of the species are listed as critically endangered. In keeping with the theme of the title I overlaid the image of the rhino with a design I took from Palestinian embroidery. The background is a modified Islamic geometric pattern with rhino horns for the border. 

This is the first piece I've stitched on fabric rather than paper. To get the design on the fabric I used a transfer pencil to trace from a xerox collage. It was then ironed (in reverse) onto the fabric, with the border added later. Because the process is new for me, with such a complicated design and relatively large size -13"x17"- it was a challenge, and it took me a lot longer to make than I was expecting!

Below are the images I referenced including the xerox collage. The Palestinian embroidery design is from the book "Embroidery from Palestine" by Shelagh Weir.